Consider joining us

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The League of Women Voters of the Wilkes- Barre Area is a non-partisan organization, promoting political responsibility through education. We provide the public with primary and general election debates and publications such as the Voters' Guide and Government Directory. Upon request, Board members are availableto speak on the importance of voting.

Why should I join?

Our members are women and men from the Wilkes-Barre Area--citizens age 18 or older who seek the opportunity to "lead and serve" in our community by promoting political responsibility through education. If you choose to get involved, you will gain knowledge and experience through the study and discussion oftimely and important topics. Through participation in League projects, you will contribute valuable service to the community. You will discover new interests,develop new skills and learn about crucial issues in your community. As you meet others in our local League who share your interests, you will make professional contacts and develop lasting friendships.

What's in it for me?

Adding your voice to the League’s 150,000 members and support nationwide, your membership is a powerful voice for fair and nonpartisan government on the local, state, and national level--three memberships in one. Your local League membership includes and supports membership in LWV Pennsylvania and LWV of the United States. You will receive state and national publications along with updates and newsletters from the Wilkes-Barre Area League of Women Voters. You will have the knowledge that you are adding your voice to a powerful force of members from all 50 states and Washington DC.